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Chennai Metro Train Advertising

Chennai Metro Train Advertising

The Chennai Metro, or Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), is an Indian Rapid Transit System that serves Chennai, which is located in Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Metro, upon completion, will be the first metro project in India to integrate other public transportation systems. It is anticipated that the project will cut commute times from one end of the city to the other by 75%. In a city without billboards, CMRL is a large moving format with world-class and premium executions. On CMRL rolling stocks, Lotus Media Services holds advertising rights for advertising in Chennai Metro Train.

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The Chennai Metro is a quick travel framework serving the city of Chennai and recently, it has seen a huge expansion in day-to-day normal ridership taking it up to over 2 lakhs each day, this increment is over two times (+55%) contrasted with 2021. In spite of the numerous restrictions imposed by COVID, ridership has skyrocketed, with 2022 numbers surpassing those recorded prior to and following the pandemic.

Lotus Media Services, Chennai’s top OOH publicizing organization, possesses the promoting privileges of Chennai Metro Trains. From Washermanpet to Airport, Lotus Media Services did branding on metro trains. As a result of this development, Chennai Metro Train Branding increases its visibility to a greater number of passengers traveling on Lines 1 and 2, which together cover a distance of more than 54 kilometers and serve 41 important destination stations.

Our advertising media has attracted attention from major advertisers like Popular Appalam, Ponvandu and Medimix.

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CMRL is the ideal location for brands to advertise due to the absence of clutter in Chennai’s advertising. While maintaining a well-integrated position in the city, train branding appears to be simple and clean. Brands benefit from a wider audience and a broader reach as a result of an increase in daily ridership of 6,09,87,765 (6 CRORES) people travelled from January – December 2022.

As one of Chennai’s largest moving media, CMRL presents a significant opportunity for brands to interact with their target audiences. The Chennai Metro emerges as the ideal platform for brands to communicate their messages due to the openness of business activities and consequent rise in ridership, Lotus Media Services uses this growing opportunity for their clients to grow their business.

In a crowded city like Chennai, Lotus Media Services is confident with the Chennai Metro train advertisement that brands will increase their recall and impact with additional ridership.

Benefits of Metro Train Advertising in Chennai

#1: Ads for the Chennai Metro train are printed on the entire surface of the train, which makes it easy to grab people’s attention because the surface is so large.

#2: Dissimilar to TV or other publicizing choices, metro train notices can’t be skipped and subsequently it affirms higher-permeability with practically no interference.

#3: Because two-thirds of Chennai’s metro train passengers are regulars, advertising your brand on metro rails will significantly increase brand recognition and awareness among these customers.

#4: Advertising on Chennai’s metro trains is another way to target customers, and it works well because passengers travel for 30 to 60 minutes a day, so it may have a longer-lasting effect on their minds.


Why Advertise on Metro trains in Chennai?

Metro train ad placements and benefits

Advertising your brand on Chennai’s metro rails is a fascinating strategy for reaching the city’s large middle- and upper-class populations. Let’s look at some of the reasons why metro train advertising is preferred in Chennai.

1: Huge reach: This is the best option for grasping the huge reach while going with the flow. Using metro ads to promote your brand does not require a lot of effort on your part. Metro trains carry thousands of passengers on an average daily and travel a significant distance between commercial and residential areas throughout the city. As a result, metro train advertisements in Chennai can effortlessly reach a large audience.
chennai metro train best advertising agency
2: High Brand Recall Value: According to the estimate, passengers spend between 10 and 15 minutes at the station. Metro ads can help improve brand recall because people frequently use the rails of the metro. The intended customers’ minds can be profoundly altered.
3: Better Return on Investment (ROI): Properly planning advertising content and placement locations can give you a huge reach of your target audience and a big return on investment (ROI) and sales promotion.

Why Brands choose Lotus Media Services?

Lotus Media Services is a reputed Metro Train Advertising Agency in Chennai has a team of experts dedicated to metro train advertisements and they are perfect at Media planning, advertising contents, designs, and placement locations to reach the target customers.

We have advertising media across the city and hence based on the client’s preference advertisements can be published accordingly. You can enjoy affordable Metro Train Advertising rates and costs via Lotus Media Services. For achieving better recognition and sales promotion, contact us today!

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